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Services :: Research and Evaluation

In addition to all of the consulting work we do, we also conduct extensive research on various aspects of e-learning, write publications, attend conferences, and participate in mailing lists and communities of practice in the area of e-learning.

As a result we can offer the following services:

  • Prepare an evaluation strategy for your e-learning initiative
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment
    • Complete a literature reviews
    • Prepare and administer surveys (online and/or paper-based)
    • Prepare and conduct focus groups
    • Prepare and conduct interviews
  • Conduct Usability Testing
  • Prepare for and submit an application for a Research Ethics Board
  • Evaluate participant satisfaction with an existing or new program
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an existing or new program
  • Prepare a report summarizing results of evaluation and recommendations
  • Present evaluation results at a stakeholders meetings and/or at professional conferences
  • Write a publication on research findings
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