City of Edmonton

Project Type

Needs Assessment, Strategic Consulting, Business Consulting

Strategic Consulting, City of Edmonton

Business Challenge

The City of Edmonton, and specifically The Orange Hub Project Team was charged with completing an ambitious rehabilitation Project with the Orange Hub facility in west Edmonton. The team was facing many challenges as it attempted to create a multi-tenant hub for non-profit groups, including upgrading the facility to meet safety codes, working with existing tenants on improvements, moving in new tenants while maintaining the building and operating systems. The goal of the team was to turn over operations to a non-profit board in 3-5 years. The Project team was tasked with working on immediate facility needs, developing a business case and operating model, alongside addressing new and existing tenant needs. The Project team was finding it difficult to move action items forward in a timely manner. eHanlis Inc. was asked to complete a needs assessment and identify project challenges, gaps, and conflicting goals that were hindering the team from meeting the project goals. eHanlis Inc. was asked to provide recommendations for the team to work effectively and meet their desired future state.


eHanlis Inc. worked with the City of Edmonton and the leadership team to complete a needs assessment and map out criteria for success, risks, and required steps to move forward. As a result of this project, the team had an improved organizational structure, defined roles and responsibilities, along with processes and templates that enabled the team to work and communicate effectively and reach their desired future state.

City of Edmonton

Project Activities

The following activities were completed for this project:

  • Conducted 5 planning meetings with managements.
  • Facilitated a session that mapped out criteria for success, risks, and required steps to move forward.
  • Conducted a total of 14 stakeholder consultations.
  • Provided a summary report with recommendations for the Project team to move to the desired future state.
  • Proposed a modified organization structure, draft terms of reference for committees, and draft roles and responsibilities for team members.
  • Provided templates for agendas, minutes, a working relationship charter.
  • Presented the recommendations to the leadership team.